“The greater part of our fortunes in peace and war were shaped by this one man. As a man of action, resource and creative energy, he stood, when at his zenith, without a rival.”

Winston Churchill’s tribute to David Lloyd George in Parliament, 1945

Many people regard David Lloyd George alongside Winston Churchill as the greatest leaders Britain has ever seen.

Consider just some of Lloyd George’s achievements as the country emerged from the Victorian era. He:

  • Taxed the rich to help the poor
  • Introduced the pension scheme
  • Led the country during the first World War
  • Gave women the vote
  • Laid the foundation of the welfare state

Despite the challenges he faced so much of what helped make Britain great during the 20th century was down to Lloyd George.

His achievements are perhaps all the more remarkable given his humble upbringing. The son of a schoolteacher, Lloyd George’s father died young, leaving him in the care of his mother and uncle Richard Lloyd the shoemaker.

He grew up in the small rural village of Llanystumdwy which, in its day, was as far removed from London and political life as any place in Britain. Yet ambition and fierce political belief drove Lloyd George all the way to 10 Downing Street.

Our museum brings to life this remarkable journey and the challenges and achievements of his distinguished career.